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Collections are curated sets of mods and add-ons that have been grouped together based on a particular theme, most frequently on user preference. Think of them as 'playlists' but for mods instead of songs. Every user can include any add-on in a carefully selected list, allowing them to organize add-ons for their own use or make them available for others to keep track of as the collection owner makes updates to that list. Collections are private by default; but users can decide to share their collections to enable others to locate those resources without difficulty.

Collections allow for a streamlined user experience. Instead of searching for individual pieces of content, you can already find a perfectly curated list by another community member, or you can create your own list for your private use to better organize the sheer amount of mods and add-ons on

You can download each mod in a collection individually, but it is not possible to download all the items of a collection at once.

Are collections automatically set to public view?

No, collections are set to private by default. This means they are linked to a user account and only accessible to the collection's creator. However, creators have the option to make their collections public. Before doing so, it's important to understand the implications.

  • Private: Only accessible to the individual who created the collection.

  • Profile Only: Not publicly listed on the Collections page, but it is listed on your personal profile page, and anyone with the direct link can access it. This is ideal for sharing a collection privately or on your profile, such as with friends or your profile visitors.

  • Public: Visible to everyone on the platform. But, there are criteria to meet before a collection can be made public. Once public, a collection remains so indefinitely, and cannot revert to private or unlisted status.

What are the requirements for making a collection public?

There are certain requirements for collections before they can be made public:

  • At least six mods / add-ons: A collection needs to consist of at least six items before it can be public.

  • At least two different authors: Collections from items / mods from only one creator are not allowed anymore, that means that your collection must include items from at least two different creators.

  • A carefully curated list to a theme: Collections undergo a review and pre-moderation check. Those seemingly assembled haphazardly or with spammy intentions will not pass our pre-moderation. A thoughtfully curated collection around a specific theme stands a better chance of approval.

  • Aligning with our Content Guidelines: Disrespectful collections such as "Worst Mods" or similar have no chance to get approved.

  • No Duplicates: Your collection may not be approved if an almost identical collection already exists.

  • Public Collections are public forever: Think of them akin to playlists or Top-10 lists. While mod authors can remove mods or add-ons, the collection remains as a testament to where the mod was featured. Due to our database infrastructure, once a collection goes public, it cannot be deleted or reverted.

When you have applied to make your collection public, it can take up to two business days until we have completed our review.

Can I prevent my mod from being included in collections?

No, collections essentially serve as curated lists of selected add-ons. Imagine them as a Top-10 list. While you can remove your mod or add-on from, you can't exclude it from specific collections. Being part of a collection is beneficial as it provides another avenue for users to discover and access your mod.

What are Revisions?

Revisions are similar to file versions to mods. Whenever the Collection curator adds or removes a mod from a collection, it will mark a new revision. Every Collection follower will be notified of a new revision. Revision 1 is the initial release. Attention: Revisions are not available yet, currently work in progress.

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