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How to manage your favourite add-ons and mods
How to manage your favourite add-ons and mods
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With the amount of addons on this website, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of your favourites. Luckily, we can help with that! All tools you need to manage your add-ons are located in your User menu which you can easily access by clicking on your profile avatar on the bottom left of the side.

My Downloads

First of all, every time you download an addon while you are logged in on your account, the addon will be saved to your My Downloads page. From this page, you can see which of the addons you downloaded have a newer version available as well as remove any addons from your downloads or manually mark the addons as "up-to-date". This page shows all the files you have downloaded on If a file does not show up, it means that it has been either removed by the author, or you did not download it while you were logged in into your account.

My Collections

Craft your own private collections by adding any mod of your choice. Alternatively, delve into and follow public collections curated by other users. These collections are your gateway to organizing and accessing your favored mods. Simply click the "Add to Collection" button on a mod's dedicated page to include it, and revisit your compiled collections whenever you'd like.

My Wishlist

Identify and earmark mods for future downloads by selecting the "Add to Wishlist" option.

Subscribe to mods to receive update notifications

Do you wish to receive notifications whenever a mod has been updated? To remain in the loop about mod updates, simply hit the "Subscribe" button. This ensures you're instantly notified when a mod undergoes any changes or updates.

Categories you follow and Creators you follow lets you zero in on specific categories or creators. By selecting "Follow Category" on pages like A32NX Liveries, you'll receive updates tailored to your interests. All new content from your selected categories will be aggregated in the "Categories you follow" section. If a particular creator resonates with you, click on "Follow" to stay abreast of their latest offerings and find all their recent uploads under the "Creators you follow" page.

Since Your Last Visit

Located just below the Home button on the left sidebar, this feature showcases all fresh content added to since your last visit. Customize the content display using the sorting filters, and for a more streamlined experience in your next session, click "Mark as seen". This ensures you're presented with only the latest uploads during your subsequent visits.

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