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Deletion Policy on
Deletion Policy on
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This information article is designed to provide you with information about deleting User Content from, and how handles the deletion of User Content. This is an explanation only, please see our Terms of Service for details. In very short terms, you can delete your mods from at anytime without reason, unless a File Termination period applies. If such does not apply, your file will be irrevocably deleted from the servers. While we recommend archiving the file or temporarily disabling it, you can also delete the file entirely. Deleting your file means that no one can download it anymore from, however the information associated with your file, such as the comments that others have written about it, will remain.

As per our Terms of Service, there are specific cases where files are not deleted immediately. In addition, files can be available in server backup copies for a reasonable period of time.

Can I delete my mods from

Yes, you can delete your mods from the website at any time without reason, unless otherwise stated in the terms of service. When you delete your mod, we will discontinue distributing, hosting, or making it available and irrevocably delete it from our servers, except where you have permitted further use of your mods after your removal or where the law requires otherwise. However, certain mods may not be removed or deleted without giving us prior notice of such deletion, and we reserve the right to keep your mod available for others to retrieve, access, and download until the File Termination Period has elapsed. These very few certain cases are defined below.

What is the File Termination Period?

The File Termination Period is the period between the time of notification and the actual deletion of certain mods. may keep your User Content available for others to retrieve, access, and download until the File Termination Period has elapsed to ensure that any mod that other users may rely on or reference, such as in collaborative, libraries, or group projects, remains available until a reasonable period has passed, or to ensure that the removal of content does not disrupt the functioning and purpose of or the modding experience of other users. For example, we don't want libraries to be deleted overnight, just like we don't want a mod we recently featured on our social channels to be suddenly removed. The File Termination Period is as follows.

  • Libraries: 90 days

  • Standalone Aircraft: 45 days

  • Popular or Trending User Content: 14 days

  • Featured User Content: 60 days

  • Community Request Fulfillments: 30 days

In all cases not mentioned above, the mod will be deleted immediately.

Does also delete files or content created by others that may have resulted from my content being accessible on

No, obviously you do not possess the rights to files or content created by others that may have resulted from your content being accessible on any page, including but not limited to ratings, comments, images created by other users, articles or information about your content, any related statistical information, the overall page your User Content is featured on, and the User Content of others. We may keep relevant pages, contents, and statistical information available to the public, such as images, screenshots, changelogs, descriptions, and other non-personalized information related or in connection with your User Content, even if originating from or uploaded by yourself.

How can I delete my mod from and what should I consider before?

Final Note

Our File Deletion Policy allows everyone to delete their file entirely from without reason - be it with or without File Terminiation Period. We discussed closely with our creators and worked together on this approach which protects both users and creators of If a File Termination Period applies, it is merely for the purpose of serving the interests of the modding community and saving the integrity of our platform.

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