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Reporting a comment
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Reporting a comment that violates the community guidelines is an important step in keeping online communities safe and respectful. We provide a "report" button to allow users to easily flag inappropriate comments. In this HelpDesk article, we will explain how to report a comment by clicking the report button and providing a reason.

Locate the comment you want to report

First, find the comment you wish to report. Comments that violate community guidelines may include offensive language, hate speech, harassment, or spam. The report button is usually located near the comment. You can find it by hovering your mouse over the specific comment, which will then show the Report button. This will usually open a dialog box or a form where you can provide more information about the report.

Provide a reason and submit

Be sure to provide as much detail as possible to help moderators review your report and take appropriate action. Once you have provided the information, click the "Submit" button to send your report. Your report will be reviewed by moderators who will determine whether or not the comment violates community guidelines. Depending on the severity of the violation, the comment may be deleted, and the user who posted it may be warned or even banned from the platform.

Please only report violations of the Community Guidelines. We don't delete harmless comments, even if you have a different point of view, or if the comment seems "rude", or contains criticism. Deleting a comment requires an explicit violation of our rules. This is the only way we process reports. We do not process reports not submitted through the Report form. We are also unable to provide any information as to whether or which measures have been taken. Any attempt to discuss with the moderation team will be ignored.

Block a user from comments

A comment may not be welcome, but at the same time it may not violate our Community Guidelines. You can block users from commenting below your own files at any time: How to block a user?

Reporting Low-Star-Ratings

In the same way as described above, you can report a rating that you think is unjustified, for example because the user gave you only 1 out of 5 stars for no apparent reason. Click the Report button and in the Information box, describe in detail why you think the review is abusive. Our team will review the case and reset the comment rating if necessary.

Strict requirements apply for a rating to be reset. It must be a clearly abusive review. This means that we do not delete reviews because they are not very detailed, for example, or because they are not carefully weighed. Reviews are always a subjective matter of judgment for each user, and we give each user that leeway and will not delete a review that is not obviously and clearly abusive. The nature and purpose of our platform prohibits disabling comments and ratings on uploaded add-ons. is a platform built on mutual exchange and feedback to allow creators and users share their questions, thoughts and opinions.

Blackmailing or threatening the moderation team with the aim of forcing the deletion of a comment or rating will result in the immediate banning of your account and deletion of all your content.

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