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The Aviators Circle
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Our Aviators Circle program offers you the opportunity to review products and provide valuable feedback both for customers and developers. The Aviators Circle is an exclusive program for members of the community who enjoy reviewing flight simulator products and sharing their opinions. Similar to the conecpt of Product Testers or Reviewers, Aviators Circle members have the chance to test selected products of our store and write honest reviews about them.

How to become a Aviators Circle Member?

Invitation-Based Participation: Aviators Circle members are selected by based on their activity and contributions to the community. To be eligible to apply,

  • You need to accumulate a minimum of 10,000 Karma Points on your account. Karma Points reflect your active engagement and contributions to the community, such as uploading content, leaving comments, and participating in discussions.

  • You need at least 2 Regular Store Purchases on your account.

  • If you don't have enough Karma Points, there is also a second way to become a member: Make at least 10 purchases from the Store and provide valuable reviews for your purchases. Your reviews should offer insightful feedback and contribute to the community's understanding of the product's quality and features.

Please take note that these requirements represent the basic prerequisites to submit your application. Given the larger number of users compared to the available slots, operates within limited capacity. Users who stand out for their high level of activity will naturally have higher chances of acceptance. In cases where our current capacity is reached, you might be placed on a waiting list.

How does the Aviators Circle work?

As a member of the Aviators Circle, you'll have access to a range of new flight simulator products on the Store. Every once in a while, offers new products to be tested and reviewed among Aviators Circle members - if you're interested in reviewing a specific product, applying is just a click away from your Aviators Circle dashboard. If chosen, you'll receive the selected product free of charge, enabling you to thoroughly test it and subsequently craft a comprehensive review for other users and for the developer.

Rules for the Aviators Circle

We encourage Aviators Circle members to write detailed, helpful, and objective reviews. Your insights and expertise help not only other users but also developers to enhance their products. Your detailed feedback is invaluable to the community, helping fellow flight simulation enthusiasts make informed decisions about the product. We anticipate that your reviews will be both informative and truthful, but most importantly: You are by no means obligated, nor should you exclusively provide positive feedback. Any kind of feedback, be it positive or negative, is requested as long as they stem from your genuine experience with the product.

Why should I join the Aviators Circle?

The Aviators Circle offers you the opportunity to actively contribute to the flight simulator community by sharing your opinions on new products. Your reviews help other users with their decisions and also contribute to the product's further development. Lastly, a noteworthy detail is that the reviewed products are yours to keep, allowing you to continue enjoying them for your personal use. Win-Win!

What are the requirements for a Aviators Circle Review?

  • We value authenticity and honesty in your reviews.

  • Your review should offer a comprehensive depiction of your experience with the product, aiding fellow customers in their choices regarding its potential purchase. While we don't expect an exhaustive novel, a general guideline is to provide a minimum of approximately 300 characters.

How can I join the Aviators Circle?

When you meet the basic requirements set forth above, you can apply by clicking here.

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