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Upload Limitations on
Upload Limitations on
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We really love to see you sharing your work with the Flight Simulation community and can't wait to see more of your mods soon! Here is some useful information when it comes to uploading to our site.

Supported File Types

For Downloads we currently only support .zip or .rar files to be uploaded. Your images can be .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp or .gif. We recommend to upload .zip archives only as these archives can be opened by all Windows users without needing additional software, while .rar archives require users to download WinRAR or similar software first. Furthermore, we recommend using JPEG images to increase upload speed and decrease loading times for users. Earlier, we allowed uploading .7zip files as well. We have stopped supporting this file type because it is not common among users.

Maximum Upload Size

Your file can be maximum 3.0 GB in size. Considering that you are uploading an already compressed file anyway, this should be more than enough storage space. Please keep in mind that users tend not to download files that are too large for obvious reasons. For example, is also not designed to share entire photogrammetry sceneries in the highest resolution. Please use other platforms for this purpose. You are not allowed to bypass this Maximum Upload Size by creating multiple parts of your add-on. Each file uploaded to must be fully functional independently from other files. requires each uploaded file to be self-sufficient and fully operational without relying on other files. This implies that uploading "Part 1" and subsequently releasing "Part 2", where the add-on is functional only if both parts are downloaded, is not permissible. It is also not allowed to split up a city in multiple parts to evade this file size limitation, even when the files are independent from each other.

If you need an increased upload limit, you can contact Support to request such.

Image Limitations

We only allow up to 18 images per file, which each can be up to 5 MB in size. Should you upload more than 18 images, only the first 18 images will be shown.

Account Limitations

Each account has a maximum upload capacity of 25 GB in total. Users who exceed this upload size will be contacted by for further information.

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