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Scenery Map
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The Scenery Map is a comprehensive and interactive tool showcasing all uploaded scenery files where creators have provided accurate coordinates. This map allows users to explore a global array of custom scenery enhancements, from detailed airports to breathtaking landscapes, all contributed by the vibrant community.

The Scenery Map is maintained by our team. After you have uploaded your scenery on, you don't have to do anything else. We will add it within two weeks if you have added your coordinates into the provided coordinates field. To make our work easier, please make sure that you have entered valid GPS coordinates when uploading your file, as this can speed up the process.

How often do you update the Scenery Map?

The scenery map is maintained by our team. We try to update the scenery map at least every two weeks. However, this does not always succeed, so it can sometimes take longer. The last update is always displayed on the homepage. If your scenery hasn't been added yet, or you can't find it on the Scenery Map, check when the Scenery Map was last updated. This information is displayed in the pop-up welcome screen.

I need more than one coordinate for my scenery, now what?

Currently it is not possible to add more than one GPS coordinate to your file. However, you can add additional GPS coordinates to your file description. Our team will take them into consideration when adding your scenery to the scenery map.

My scenery is missing or incorrectly placed

Please wait until the next update cycle of the Map. If your scenery is still missing or incorrectly categorized, please let us know. You can report bugs or missing scenery using the button below.

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