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Understanding the Impact of File Deletions
Understanding the Impact of File Deletions
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Navigate to My Uploads and choose the file you wish to modify or delete by clicking on the Modify button. Once the Modify-file page loaded, click on Visibility in the upper navigation. From there you can find a button to delete your mod.

What should I know before deleting a mod?

Upon deleting your file from, you should be aware of the profound and irreversible effects this decision carries. Once removed, you'll no longer have access to the file, and all associated Karma points, likes, followers, and profile achievements will be permanently eradicated. While the primary file will be eliminated from our servers, associated user-generated content, such as comments, images, or ratings, will remain intact.

It's essential to understand that a deletion from does not signify its complete removal from the online sphere. Mods are often disseminated across various platforms. By erasing the original from our platform, you are essentially surrendering your control over its broader distribution. Your mod might still surface on other platforms, making it more cumbersome for genuine enthusiasts to locate your original work and amplifying the risk of its circulation on less credible sites.

Your creation has a broader significance within the modding ecosystem. Its removal could potentially leave a void for fellow enthusiasts and inadvertently promote its distribution through disreputable avenues. Finally, bear in mind that once the file is deleted, any attempt to re-upload the same content on our platform will be prohibited.

We urge you to contemplate the long-term implications on both your work and the greater modding community which will ultimately lose access to your content. Please note that we cannot be held accountable for any repercussions stemming from this decision.

Impact of a Mod Deletion Summarized

  1. Loss of Access & Achievements: Once deleted, the file becomes irretrievable. Any associated Karma points, likes, followers, and profile milestones will be permanently removed.

  2. User-Generated Content: While the core file of your mod will be erased from our servers, user-generated content related to your file, like comments, images, or ratings, will remain accessible. This action only deletes the file, not the community interactions around it.

  3. Persistence Outside Before proceeding, understand that removing your file from doesn't erase its existence across the internet. It's common for mods to be replicated on various platforms, profiting off your creation. By deleting the original here, you relinquish control over its distribution. The mod might still be available on other sites, potentially making it challenging for genuine enthusiasts to locate your original work and increasing the risk of it appearing on less reputable platforms.

  4. Repercussions on the Modding Community: Your creation plays a part in the broader modding ecosystem. Deleting it might deprive fellow enthusiasts of valuable content and could inadvertently lead to its circulation on untrustworthy sites.

  5. No Reposting: Once deleted, you are prohibited from re-uploading the same file to prevent abuse of our systems.

Better Solutions: Temporarily Disable Downloads

A better solution is to change the Visibility settings of your add-on. You can temporarily disable downloads if you need to work on your mod or add-on.

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