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Updated over a week ago offers a variety of feeds to cater to your unique preferences and ensure that you stay updated with content that matters most to you. Here's a breakdown of the feeds and how to effectively share your content:

Feeds on

  • Community Feed: This is the universal feed where all public posts are displayed. It's designed to keep the entire community engaged with the latest and most significant updates.

  • Following Feed: Tailored to your interests, this feed showcases new content exclusively from the creators you follow. It's your personalized stream of updates, ensuring you never miss out on content from your favorite creators.

  • Profile Feed: Your personal broadcasting channel on Every post you make - no matter where - is not only shared with your followers but also visible on your profile page, offering a comprehensive view of your contributions.

Posting Options:

When you're ready to share new content, consider these options to target your post effectively:

  • Public: Opting for this makes your post visible across all three feeds: Community, Following, and Profile. Choose this when your content is broadly relevant and you wish to reach the entire community.

  • Profile / Followers Only: This option ensures your post is visible only on your Profile Feed and to those following you in their Following Feed. It's ideal for updates that are specifically relevant to your followers or visitors to your profile, such as minor updates or personal announcements.

Choosing the Right Option:

  • Profile / Followers Only: Use this for niche updates or personal news that holds specific interest to your followers. For example, if you've made a minor tweak to a livery due to a bug, this information is most relevant to your current followers.

  • Public: When your announcement or content has broad appeal or significance to the entire community, go Public. This ensures maximum visibility and engagement.

Please note that Public Posts undergo a more rigorous moderation process to ensure their relevance and importance to the wider community. This is to maintain the quality and relevance of the Community Feed for all users.

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