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Updated over a week ago collaborates with esteemed developers to offer the flight simulation community a range of exceptional add-ons. If you are interested in selling your products on our platform, you need to apply to become a vendor. Please bear in mind that we exercise our sole discretion in assessing whether your products align with our store's standards and target audience. collaborates exclusively with a limited number of product sellers. We place great emphasis on product quality and alignment with our market and target audience. It is essential that your products cater to a broad user base and meet stringent quality requirements that surpass those of freeware offerings.

When it comes to selling products, only works with professionals. We consider the sale of products to be a substantial endeavor, and as such, we are unable to engage in business relationships with individuals who are under the legal age or only do flight simulations as part of their hobby. It is mandatory that you have established a registered business and possess a valid tax identification number in your country of residence if you are required to do so by law.

How to get started

  1. Prepare Your Product: Develop a polished product compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator, ready or almost ready for release.

  2. Contact Send an email to [email protected] or use our ticketing form to submit a new ticket and include the following information: 

    1. Provide a detailed description of your product accompanied by screenshots, images, or videos that effectively showcase its features to our approval team.

    2. Include an estimated release date for your product and specify whether you intend to offer it exclusively on or through other channels.

    3. If you have other products available on different platforms, share links to your storefronts for reference.

After you submit your application, our approval team will conduct a thorough review of the product information you provided. This process can take up to two weeks, so we kindly ask for your patience. If your application is approved, you will be invited to review and sign our Digital Distribution Agreement. Once signed, you will gain access to our Vendor Console. As a vendor, you can create and list your products on, similar to uploading regular freeware files, complete with pricing and product details. While each of your products will need to undergo an initial approval process, subsequent approvals will be significantly faster.

Product Compatibility

If you are uncertain about the compatibility of your product with our store, please contact us first. In general, here is a list of items that we are very unlikely to accept as products in our store.

  • Aircraft Liveries

  • Guides, documents, ebooks, tutorials, flight plans, fixes, compatibility addons, workarounds

  • Anything that is not directly related to Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Add-Ons for X-Plane, FSX, P3D or other simulators

  • Boats, Driveable Cars

  • Single buildings, stadiums or landmarks

  • Content that does include third-party property such as Google Maps data, Google Earth or Bing Maps data, Satellite images or similar

  • Premium or paid versions which are an advanced version of a freeware add-on

Our Role as a seller

The information outlined here is only for vendors selling their products through and is not intended for freeware users or creators.

As the Merchant and Seller of Record, purchases products from you (the publisher / creator / provider) and re-sells the products to our end customers. Our status as the Merchant of Record provides many advantages to you, such as allowing us to handle all collection and remittance of sales tax and VAT, ultimately saving you time and energy. The arrangement also means that any terms and conditions associated with a payment transaction processed by us need to be our Terms and Conditions, as opposed to your’s, or your End User License Agreement (EULA).

  • Global Compliance and Risk Management: We are working with FastSpring - an international e-commerce service provider that manages payment processing, sales and compliance with all legal regulations and guidelines. FastSpring's solution is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the US Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries. We also ensure VAT compliance for each sale, so that you don't have to worry about tax on customer sales.

  • Customer Support: We handle the customer experience on our platform, and we take care of any billing or payment modalities regarding the checkout process. We also take on the responsibility for managing and reducing chargebacks on your behalf, and we handle all disputes, refunds and withdrawals, so that you can focus on your product. In return, you are responsible for providing your customers with first class support for any questions or inquiries related to your product.

  • Privacy Protection: is dedicated to offering feasible solutions to help protect creators from fraud and scam attempts as much as possible. Unfortunately, selling your work online will always involve some risk of your product being shared with others. has an automatic IP-based security system in place that will help prevent fraudulent transactions. For digital products, provides you with access to order information that you can use as supporting evidence in dispute cases. Additional security mechanisms track each download of a file as well as its associated IP address and timestamp, and it is not possible to share download links with other users, as each download link has a 10-minute expiry time and is permanently linked to the IP address of the purchaser. Trying to download the file from a different IP address will trigger our piracy protection.

  • Product Delivery: We handle all aspects of marketing and promotion to ensure your products reach the world's largest community for Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons and mods. Our responsibilities include making your products available to customers and ensuring successful delivery after purchase. Most files are distributed as zipped files, which users can easily place in their Community folder, just like any other freeware mod. Additionally, we support the distribution of applications and the generation of serial keys or activation codes. For this service, it is necessary that you provide the installer software capable of verifying these codes.

The Fees

For vendors, knows one type of fee. It is charged per successful sale and we call it Author Fee. The amount of this fee depends on whether you decide to become a exclusive or non-exclusive author. The Author Fee is charged per sale and depends on your account type.

  • Exclusive partners decide to sell their products via only. We are charging a 20% fee per sale with these partners.

  • Non-exclusive partners are selling their products on other platforms or stores as well. We are charging a 25% fee per sale with these vendors.

Pricing to End Customers

When uploading a product, you are asked to enter a List Price. The List Price is your recommended sales price of the product. It is exclusive of VAT, which means VAT will be added at checkout if applicable. The List Price is - in relation to the customer - a mere recommendation. can sell your product for less or for more. However, it is binding for the determination of your commission per sale, meaning that we will deduct the Author Fee from your List Price and pay the remaining amount to you for each successful sale.

  • Value Added Tax: Based on the customer's country we may be obliged to charge, collect and remit VAT or sales tax. The applicable tax rate is applied on checkout. For example, let's say your List Price is $10 US. A customer in the United States will pay $10 US plus applicable taxes. A customer in Germany will pay in Euros. We take $10 US and convert it to Euros using the daily exchange rate, adjusted by 3.5% to compensate for exchange rate fluctuations. On this converted price, the German VAT rate of 19% will be added on top - this is the final customer price. Your commission resulting from this purchase will be your List Price (excl. VAT) minus the Author Fee.

Accounting and Taxes

The information in this guide is not legally binding and does not constitute legal advice. For assistance with tax matters related to your payouts, please consult a tax advisor.

In most cases, the correct way to account for sales that go through is to record each payment we send you as Wholesale Sales. It is legally the same scenario as if you made widgets, sent them to Walmart to sell, and they pay you wholesale. You do not record the total sales Walmart made or record Walmart's profit margin as an expense. Instead, record the money Walmart sent you as wholesale sales. In these cases, you should handle your accounting and taxes for the sales through in the same way. From a tax standpoint, the only thing you need to do is:

  • Check your Total Revenue Reports on, to see what we will pay you.

  • Record the values as Wholesale Sales in your accounting system.

  • Check whether these payments have to be taxed or reported to your countries authorities, which should be the case most of the time.

European residents must obtain a valid European VAT ID to be able to sell products through or any other store, which can be requested from their respective government authorities.

Payment Schedule

  • 01 - 10th of each month: Accounting for the previous month will be completed and a Revenue Report will be provided to you.

  • 15 - 31th of each month: We will pay your earnings for the previous month.

For payments, you can choose between PayPal, Wise, SWIFT and SEPA to be paid. Please note that payments through SWIFT or SEPA are available if your Earnings threshold exceeds $50,00,- USD. All payouts and accounting reports are in U.S. dollars by default. Each month is one billing cycle. At the beginning of each new month, we issue a statement for the total sales transactions of the previous month. Payments are following a NET-30 procedure, which means that income from the previous month is paid to you within 30 days.


  • Between January 1st and January 31st, your product has be sold a total of 10 times for $10 each (= $100). Between February 1st and February 10th, we will send you an invoice showing the number of total sales in January - the billing period - and the commission due to you in this billing period. In this example you are an exclusive author, which means that you are entitled to 75% per sale, and we keep 25% as our Author Fee. This results in a commission of $75 to you. We will pay you your commission within 30 days (NET-30) after the end of a billing period, i.e. after the end of the respective month. Thus, you can expect your payout by the end of February at the latest. We aim to send all payments for revenue generated in the previous month by around the 15th of the following month.

We do not charge payout fees. However, please note that additional money transfer fees and conversion fees are at your expense. Depending on the payment option you choose, there might be additional fees charged by your bank or financial institution, on which we do not have influence.


If or where required by applicable law, all payouts may be subject to tax, depending on your local laws. Please contact a tax advisor who will advise you of your tax responsibilities in this case.

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