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Release Notes - Upcoming And Deployed Changes
Release Notes - Upcoming And Deployed Changes
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Release Notes

June 28, 2024

  • Implemented various improvements to website performance, resulting in approximately a 50% increase in speed, even during peak times

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the search engine from considering file keywords. Search keywords are now properly accounted for, improving search accuracy.

  • Enhanced the Add-Ons Overview and Single Add-On pages for better visibility and browsing experience

  • Added a feature to add owned products to your library, allowing you to prioritize and highlight content for add-ons you own. Owned products are marked with an orange circle next to the category name.

    • Added an "Owned Products" filter to the Since-Visited page, focusing only on products you own.

    • Added an "Owned Products" filter to the search engine, enabling searches exclusively within your owned products.

  • Redesigned the Comments section for better visibility and clarity.

  • Implemented Artificial Intelligence for summarized add-on descriptions and automated comment risk analysis.

  • Added a Community Favorites Highlight section on the main page to showcase trending content.

  • Made various improvements to the Help Desk, Knowledge Base, and support options. Introduced new forms for easier website feedback and issue reporting.

  • Made category titles on add-on tiles clickable, allowing direct access to the respective category pages.

  • Improved Dark and Light Mode for better visibility.

February 07, 2024

  • Improved Pagination: Page numbers are now displayed with a maximum of 10 pages before and after the current page, enhancing clarity and ease of navigation. Added pagination to the homepage for browsing new content.

  • Enhanced accessibility to trending content with improved one-click options, accessible directly from dropdown menus in the top menu bar.

  • Introducing the new 'Subscribed Addons' section which displays all your subscribed add-ons.

  • New sorting options: 'Best Rated' along with filters for 'This Week' and 'This Month' within categories.

  • Introducing the Expand menu feature, enabling to you follow, subscribe, add to wishlist, or collection directly from the addon tile, eliminating the need to open the addon page each time. Premium Users can also utilize the one-click download option directly from this menu without opening the add-on page individually.

  • Aircraft Liveries page now shows a tick for the categories you follow allowing you to easier recognize the aircraft you are interested in.

  • Preview Tiles now show a "On your Wishlist" icon next to the category indicator to directly recognise which add-ons you've already on your wishlist

  • Each category page now displays a "Followed Categories" section at top of the page allowing you to see new content within that category from the time you last visited. From here you can also mark the items as seen for each category you follow individually.

  • Added "This Month" and "Last 3 Months" filters for trending content sites.

  • Redesigned the Creators Leaderboard

  • Implemented Recent Reviews feature on the homepage and introduced a dedicated page for viewing reviews.

  • Enhanced Site Optimization and Performance


  • Overhaul of the Notifications System

  • Creators Program and Aviators Circle

  • Store Affiliate Program

Acknowledged Issues or Feature Requests

Feature Requests

  • Ability to upload multiple files to a single item

  • Ability to receive email notifications if someone comments on their files

  • F4F-4 Wildcat by GotFriends needs a dedicated category

  • Nieuport 17 by Big Radials needs a dedicated category

  • Microsoft/IniBuilds Bell 47J Ranger Local Legend needs a dedicated category


  • The Notifications Modal in some cases shows comments of a file instead the actual user notifications

  • Just Flight BAE-146 is not properly categorized

  • Scenery Map still displays add-on scenery that is no longer available

  • The search engine only takes complete words into account for matches

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