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Aerosoft One Product Activation
Aerosoft One Product Activation
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Products by Aerosoft need to be downloaded and installed via their own installation software Aerosoft One. You can download Aerosoft One from here for free. After installing the application, you need login to your Aerosoft account or sign-up with Aerosoft. That requires you to create an Aerosoft account.

Product Activation

Once you are logged in to Aerosoft One, click on the menu tab Library in the upper navigation. In the bottom left corner, you will find a button to redeem a serial code to activate a new product in your Aerosoft library. Click on "Redeem Product Key" and enter the serial code purchased on The product will be added to your library ("Other Products") from where you can download and install it.


Please ensure that there are no spaces before or at the end of the product key when copying and pasting the product key.

Where do I find my product key?

You can retrieve your serial number code by looking at the invoice that was emailed to you after purchase. Your Serial Number is also displayed on the product page on below the Download button of the respective product.

If you need more help, please find the Aerosoft One User Guide here. If you need help in relation to Aerosoft One, please contact the Aerosoft One Customer service via their Help Desk.

In some cases, your product activation code may change after product activation. In this case, please login to your Aerosoft One account with the account you used to register the product. In your library you should see your products and their activation codes - the one displayed is the correct and current one.

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