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Locating the Community Folder of Microsoft Flight Simulator
Locating the Community Folder of Microsoft Flight Simulator

This guide helps you to find your Community folder path of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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The Community folder of your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation is the path where mods such as scenery add-ons and liveries are installed. The installation method for these addons is often referred to as 'drag and drop' installation, as you need to drag the contents of the downloaded archives into this path. However, locating the Community folder often can be a mess, since the path is different depending which platform you were using to install Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Store Version


Steam Version

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

Finding your AppData folder

If AppData folder is not showing up in your Windows Explorer, type %AppData% or %LocalAppData% in Windows search bar and press enter to open your AppData folder.

Alternative Solutions

You may have selected a custom location to install Microsoft Flight Simulator on your drive during installation progress. In this case, you need to locate the path you chosed to install MSFS on. You can use the in-game developer tools to do so.

  1. Open the game settings > General

  2. Navigate to Developer Tools and switch them to ON.

  3. On the developers menu at top, navigate to Tools > Virtual File System

  4. The path of your Community folder is under > Watched Bases.

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