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All you need to know about Premium
All you need to know about Premium
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With a Premium membership, users gain access to exclusive features and benefits designed to enhance their overall experience on the platform. Some of the key benefits of Premium include unthrottled and accelerated downloads, priority support from the team, and the ability to download add-ons without any download limits or wait times. To become a Premium member, users can sign up for it. Overall, Premium is a great way for Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts to get even more out of the community and the vast selection of add-ons available on the platform.

Is Premium an automatically billed subscription? Premium is not a recurring subscription, but rather a one-time purchase. This means that when you buy Premium for a specific period, such as one month, it will expire at the end of that period. To continue enjoying the benefits and features of Premium, you can simply purchase it again. We do not bill you automatically.

When does my premium membership expire?

When you purchase Premium, your premium membership will expire at the end of the designated period. For instance, if you purchase a 1-month membership, it will be valid for 31 days and your premium membership will end after the 31st day from the time of payment. If you wish to continue enjoying the benefits of Premium, you can purchase it again after your current membership has expired.

How do you enable fast downloads? Premium members are able to connect to a global content delivery network (CDN) with multiple locations across the globe, which provides accelerated download speeds and high performance. As a result, premium members can quickly download their files without any wait times or download restrictions, regardless of the level of traffic on the platform. In contrast, regular members may experience slower download speeds during periods of high server traffic, and they have access to fewer server locations. Premium can be considered as a "Fast Lane" that offers enhanced download speeds and a more seamless user experience.

What is Premium income used for?

As a free platform, we rely most of our revenue on advertising. However, not all users browse without ad-blockers, ultimately refusing us any income to fund the servers. The revenue generated from Premium is used to support the development and maintenance of the platform. The income from Premium is invested back into the platform to improve its features, functionality, and user experience. This may include funding new server infrastructure, software development, and hiring additional staff to manage the platform and support its users. A certain part also flows into our Creators Program, about which we will inform you at a later date.

Can I cancel Premium anytime?

No, but Premium is not a recurring subscription, that means you actually don't even need to cancel. Your Membership will automatically end at the end of the chosen period. However, you cannot end your membership early while it is still active.

What is your approach and what are your goals of Premium?

Please feel free to read this article with detailed insights of our approach to Premium.

Can I disable the Premium Badge?

Yes, you can disable the Premium badge on your comments and on your profile if you wish to do so. Please navigate to My Settings -> Socials and turn on the option to hide the badge.

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